Dettaglio dell'uso di Arrigoni Thermonet su verdura Esempio di utilizzo di Arrigoni Thermonet Esempio di utilizzo di Arrigoni Thermonet su una piantagione di fragole Dettaglio dell'uso di Arrigoni Thermonet

For various reasons and thanks to the favourable microclimate that is created under the net, crops protected by Thermonet have the visual appearance of a summer crop in the field: colour, vigour, correct deportment. Crops protected by Thermonet donít suffer stress.

ARRICOVER is an efficient protection net against large insects: Lepidoptera (Cabbage), Diptera (cabbage fly).

It is particularly suitable on crops of cabbage, turnips, carrots, leek, garlic, chicory cutting catalonia chicory, chard, beet sugar (production of propagation material), smooth and curly parsley.

Many vegetables, which have been grown during winter-spring period, are frequently affected by this adversity, especially in temperate areas.
It is sufficient for a sudden drop in temperature to destroy entire crops.
Leaves suddenly turn yellow or dried, influorescences become unmarketable, tubers are damaged, buds become discoloured, fruits lose their aesthetic and commercial value.

ARRICOVER is the new solution.

Growing conditions and microclimate  are essential factors for the success of crops.
ARRICOVER is a high quality and long lasting innovative fabric  for crop protection. It is composed by a very transparent tape that can reduce or prevent the formation of hoarfrost on crops.